Pendant Hanging Planter

From R23.75/month for 4 Months
What to do with a boring, plain, white wall? When a picture or a painting doesn’t feel right, why not

Romeo Test Tube Vase

From R37.25/month for 4 Months
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and this elegantly minimal vase looks just as good when

Vintage Rustic Swing Vase

From R49.75/month for 4 Months
Follow your indie hipster heart through adding this wonderful item into your cart. Introducing the Vintage Rustic Swing Vase. A

Nordic Beaker Vase

From R74.75/month for 4 Months
Created out of necessity to be unique, our best selling Nordic Beaker Vase shows our love for minimal design. Whether on

Hydroponic Vintage Vase

From R74.75/month for 4 Months
Bring your love for hydroponics to the next level and to any room you want to spruce up! The Hydroponic