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How to make a Cheese Platter

How to make a Cheese Platter

We have got you covered for all of your dinners and fun times with (or without) friends this weekend with this handy instructional post on how to make a cheese platter. Putting together a cheese platter just might be the easiest and most impressive appetiser. The best part, anyone can do it and you don’t need a special occasion or holiday to throw one together. Plus the fact that there’s no cooking involved is a good reason on its own! You can make one as fancy or as simple as you like. The key to an amazing meat and cheese platter is variety. They are incredibly convenient, easy to find, and best of all affordable. They have everything from meats, cheese, olives, marinated veggies, fresh fruit, nuts, plus more!



Choose a cheese platter – pick a cheese platter or a cheese board large enough to hold all of your cheeses, as well as your accompaniments. You’ll also need cheese knives (one for each cheese) and cheese markers (optional).


Variety of cheese – choose three to five different cheeses, such as some basics and few seasonal cheeses. Mix it up with different textures, such as soft, semi firm and hard/aged cheeses. Also mix it up with the type of milk, such as cow, sheep, and goats cheese.


Display the cheeses different ways – spears, wedges, cubes, whole, sliced, or rolled up. Stay away from pre-sliced cheese.

Slicing cheese yourself is way fresher and you’ll have control over how you want to slice the cheese.

Tip: use a vegetable peeler to remove the paper from brie cheese.


Accompaniments for your cheese – there is really no limit when selecting things to pair with your cheese. Think variety, colour, texture, and also what will elevate the flavour of the cheese.

Cured meats, such as dried salami or prosciutto. Variety of crackers, crusty bread, or baguette. Fresh seasonal fruit or dried fruits. Nuts whether plain or candied nuts. Something pickled or marinated. Finally some type of sweet component, such as jam, honey, or even chocolate.


Arrange the meat and cheese – first arrange your cheese and meats on the platter. I also like to set out my bowl for the pickled/marinated items so I can work around it.

Fold the meat into quarters and place the prosciutto into piles. Then, add the crackers around the cheese and meats.

Add some fresh fruit and fill in any empty spots with nuts, plus more fruit. The key is grouping everything in piles and mixing different shapes, sizes, and colour. Get creative with it.


Keep in mind – cheese tastes best at room temperature. Let the cheese sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes before serving.



35 varieties of cheese, soft, semi firm, hard/aged

12 varieties of cured meats, salami, prosciutto

23 varieties of crackers (or crusty bread, baguette)

Seasonal fruit or dried fruit


Pickled or marinated items, such as mini pickles or olives

Optional: something sweet, such as jam or honey



Arrange everything in piles, mixing different shapes, sizes, and color on a large cheese platter or board. Get creative and have fun!



Approximately allow 3 ounces of cheese per person when putting together a cheese platter.